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Custom Quests - Revival Ragnarok Online (RagnaRevival)

See Quest: Yes Recolour Deviruchi Hat Quest: Eir/Loki: See Quest: Yes Recolour Drooping Quest: All: See Quest: Yes Recolour Feather Beret Quest: All: See Quest: Yes Recolour Hair Bow Quest: All: See Quest: Yes Recolour Hip Ribbon Quest: All: See Quest: Yes Recolour Ice Wings Quest: All: See Quest: Yes Recolour Mage Hat Quest: All: See Quest ...

Brown Feather Beret - RebirthRO Wiki

Brown Feather Beret File:BrownFeatherBeret.jpg; ID: 52473 Tradable: Yes Storage-able: Yes Vendable: Yes Slots: 0 Defence: 1 Equipped On: Upper Headgear Equippable By: Every Class Except Novice Required Level: None

How to make Feather Beret - Ragnarok Online

This is a guide to make the Feather Beret from the NPC Sakyul in Rachel in the world of Ragnarok Online (RO). Location, item needed are all included in this quest guide. Enjoy.

Red Feather Beret - Revival Ragnarok Online (RagnaRevival)

Item Description. A high class hat with an amazingly stylish look. When the feathers are added, it simply adds to its splendor. MDEF + 1. Reduce 10% damage taken from DemiHuman monster.

Headgear Awakening - NovaRO: Wiki - Nova Ragnarok Online

The Archaeologist can be found on (moc_fild19 26, 32) Copied!.. Talk to him to start the Awakening Main Quest or Transform a Headgear, to swap back and forth between the slotted or non-slotted versions of New Wave Sunglasses and Black Devil's Mask, at no additional cost.. Main Quest. The main quest asks you to go to certain places and investigate a certain number of strange events.


Feather Beret NPC Name: Sakjul Location: center most of rachel 1 beret - Vanberk, Echio - ra_san01/02 100 soft feather - Owl Duke,Owl Baron - gld_dun03 1 white dyestuff - Dyestuff Quest Kabuki Mask NPC Name: Koshimizu Location: um_fild02 Northeast circle 74 Fragment of Hatred - Thanatos Odium - tha_t08

Bull's-eye, A Guide To Snipers | RO Guides & Writings ...

Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO's Character Class Guides Event. The original author is [GM] Tadpool and permission to publish this guide has been given to from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision.

Recolour Feather Beret Quest - Revival Ragnarok Online ...

White Feather Beret : 2 White Dyestuff; Rewards. From Left to Right: Black Feather Beret, Brown Feather Beret, Gold Feather Beret, Green Feather Beret, Light Blue Feather Beret, Orange Feather Beret, Pink Feather Beret, Purple Feather Beret, Red Feather Beret, Silver Feather Beret, White Feather Beret. Prerequisites. None Other

War of Emperium - Limit Ragnarok Wiki

War of Emperium also known as WoE, is one of the best end game Player vs Player content of Ragnarok. The game is designed for Guilds to conquerer Castles in different regions during WoE hours. There are currently two types of WoE, one is WoE FE and another is WoE SE. All who participates and finishes a WoE session inside Castle, will receive ...

Feather Beret [1], how do you make it? - Ragnarok Online ...

Feather Beret [1], how do you make it? - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: How do you make the [1] slotted version

Ragnarok Quest Items

Ragnarok Quest Items Wednesday, April 2, 2008. Feather Beret. Feather Beret Sakjul rachel,152,131 In the center of Rachel town at a corner across the fountain. Ingredient(s) Beret x 1 Soft Feather x 100 White Dyestuff x 1 Note: There is a 10% chance that he will make the hat but refuse to give it to you. In that case, you will have to start ...

Artsoulinc, Tips dan Trick Facebook: QUEST HEADGEARS DARK-RO

QUEST HEADGEARS DARK-RO. Crown of Ancient Queen. NPC Name: Neris. Location: 1 o' clock position building of Yuno. 1 Queen Hair Ornament - Maya, Maya Purple - MVP room. 1 Emperium - requiem, potion seller - in_sphinx2, Mall. 3 Gold - Gold Room - center aisle of Prontera. 20,000.00 zennies. Decorative Golden Bell.

level 100 SC looking for cash shop gear advice (PVM only ...

level 100 SC looking for cash shop gear advice (PVM only) - posted in Thief Class: hello, after many many years, I finally leveled the thief i made during iRO open beta in 2003 to a shadow chaser this year! it is quite a milestone for me and i am very happy i finally took the time to do it (actually took way less time than i thought it would with the low TIs, thank you grandpa), now i am a few ...

Beret - Ragnarök Wiki -

A bright green, flattened cap that represents bravery. Feather Beret Banana Beret Ear Beret iRO Wiki Database Divine Pride Database

Ragnarok Database | Item Database :: Feather Beret

Ragnarok Online Database, Ragnarok Info. Feather Beret NPC sells: 30000: NPC buys:-A high class hat with an amazingly stylish look.

Guias - Page 2 - Hanabi RO

Guias. Estas perdido o necesitas ayuda para poder lograr tu objetivo? acá te podrás informar de todo lo que necesites, los players también son libres de querer aportar con alguna guía para ayudar a la comunidad.

Quest Items - Origins Online wiki

President Quest: Harpy Feather: Hunter Skill Quest - Phantasmic Arrow: Hat [1] ... Feather Beret Headgear Ingredients - Hot-blooded Headband Headgear Ingredients - Mystic Rose: White Herb: Biological Weapon Quest Dye - White Dyestuffs ... Items in Ragnarok Online; Equipment:

Quest Feather Beret(HAT PRO) - Guias - Hanabi RO

Es una quest muy sencilla que no toma mucho tiempo (solo hacer el White Dyestuff y conseguir los soft feather) para obtener una maravillosa Feather Beret, seras la envidia de Prontera y el dentro del server de Hanabi. Items necesarios: Beret x 1. White Dyestuff x1. Soft Feather x100. Hay un 10% de posibilidad de que no te de el Feather Beret ...

Headgear Ingredients - iRO Wiki

From iRO Wiki. For a list of other NPC-made items, see Item Mixing. Note: Some headgear have more than one NPC and/or a quest to make them. These are denoted by a link in the Requirements column. Headgear Requirements ... Feather Beret: Items: 1 Beret: 100 Soft Feather: 1 White Dyestuffs: rachel 152 131 Sakjul Rachel Feather Bonnet:

Feather Beret Quest Ro - YouTube

Quest Feather BeretItems que necesitas para realizar esta quest y conseguir este item.100 soft feather1 feather1 white dyestuffCuando tengas todos los items ...

Quest Items - iRO Wiki

Quest Item List. This page lists items that are somehow (even remotely) useful in the game, and should not always be sold to NPCs.. This list of items is up to date as of [01/26/2018] (Currently updating [09/19/2020]) . Note to Self: Check following articles to add:

Assassin Cross Guide | RO Guides & Writings ...

Ignores DEF, VIT DEF and MDEF (all kinds). Decreased by gear such as Feather Beret, Poo Poo Hat, Thara Frog card, Combat Knife, etc. Enchant Deadly Poison: This is certainly the most powerful Assassin Cross, principally when combined with Sonic Blow. It's generally used in important situations such as WoE, MvP and decisive PvP.

Headgear Ingredients - Origins Online wiki

Note: Some headgear require a "Quest" to make them. These are denoted by a "Quest" link underneath the item name. Headgear. Ingredients. NPC and Location. Map Location. Available. Alarm Mask. 3000 Needle of Alarm.

White Feather Beret - RebirthRO Wiki

Item Description. A high class hat with an amazingly stylish look. When the feathers are added, it simply adds to its splendor. MDEF + 1; Reduce 10% damage taken from DemiHuman monster.

Feather Beret Quest | Philippine Ragnarok Online Wiki | Fandom

Feather Beret Quest Edit Edit source History Talk (0) Categories Categories; Add category; Cancel Save. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Advertisement. Fan Feed More Philippine Ragnarok Online Wiki ... Philippine Ragnarok Online …

Soul Ring Quest - TalonRO Wiki

Requirements. Item Requirements. 35 Jellopies (either kill Porings or do Umbala Meat Quest); 1 Halo (Lude 0.3%); 10 Soft Feather (Owl Duke 45%); 50 Wing of Dragonfly (Dragon Tail ); 100 Feather of Birds (Raggler ); 10 Holy Water (get an acolyte use Create Holy Water skill, only requires an Empty Bottle or Merman 9%); 5 Star Dust (Bathory 6%); 50,000 zeny; Quest. Step 1. The …

iW Database - Item Info - Imperial Feather - iRO Wiki

Item Info. Imperial Feather. A hair accessory made from a griffon feather. Set bonus with Imperial Ring [1]: Reduces the variable casting time of [Grand Cross] by . Increases the damage of [Genesis Ray] by 1% for every 30 base levels. Increases the damage of [Grand Cross] by 1% for every base level. Reduces the SP cost of [Genesis Ray] by 10.

Item: Feather Beret [1] (18755) - idRO Klasik Database

Feather Beret [1] Sebuah topi premium yang menawarkan banyak kelebihan. Dekorasi bulunya seperti warna biru langit. MDEF +1. Serangan diterima dari monster Human -10%. Job : Helm Pertahanan : 1. Location : Upper Berat : 60. Job: Semua kecuali Job Novice.

iW Database - Site Search - iRO Wiki

Feather Beret [1] Gear: Headgear: Feather Bonnet: Gear: Headgear: Feather of Angel Wing: ... Quest: Soft Feather: Misc: General: Valkyrie Feather Band [1] Gear: Headgear: Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Much thanks guys. Bug Reports/Suggestions ...

Feather Beret :: Armor :: Headgear - RO Item

Feather Beret - A high class hat with an amazingly stylish look. When the feathers are added, it simply adds to its splendor.MDEF + 1Reduce 10% damage taken from DemiHuman monster....

Ragnarok feather beret quest, this is a guide to make the ...

Feather beret quest broken - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: The npc took the 100 soft feathers, white dye, and beret, but wont give me a feather beret . Feather Beret :: Armor :: Headgear - RO Ite . The main quest asks you to go to certain places and investigate a … Item - Black Feather Beret

Quest; Titles; Skills; Community Forum ; Discord ; Replays Battle reports; Replays; Datamining; Tools ... Black Feather Beret 18561 B_Feather_Beret. No description available on this server. Scripts. These information ignore any conditions. ... iRO Wiki; kafraDB; RO-MA; jRO Database; Contained in (1) Comments (0) Name Holy Scroll: ...

[Headgear] Feather Beret - Classic Headgear - Prontera

[Headgear] Feather Beret สิ่งที่ต้องใช้: Beret 1 ea หาได้จาก Echio, Vanberk Soft Feather 100 ea หาได้จาก Owl Baron, OwlDuke White Dyestuffs 1 ea หมายเหตุ: White Dyestuffs ได้จากการทำเควสทำสีย้อม วิธีการทำเควส 1.